Common Error Messages

When a file is imported records will be inserted (added), updated (record exists and may have changed), and errors.
If your import is marked as *Failed it means that you had the incorrect number of columns, or the columns are in the wrong order. Check your file and run again.

Below is an outline of common errors received. 


  • _____ can not be empty- All required fields must have data entered
  • Username is already in use- A user with this username already has a record
  • User with this external ID has already been created or updated in the file- The user had multiple rows in the spreadsheet
  • Email address is not valid.- Data in the email address column does not meet the format for a valid email address, including an @.
  • Email address is already in use.- A user with this email address has already been imported

Course Sections

  • No institutional unit with unique id: ____- The institutional unit in the file does not match an institutional unit in the site
  • Start date must be greater than the term's start date- Requires updating the Term's start date to be in the range of the course sections in the file
  • End date must be greater than the term's start date- Requires updating the Term's end date to be in the range of the course sections in the file
  • Course section exists but is associated with a different course- Course section external ID already in use by another course section in the site
  • No course section type(s) exist with name(s): ____- The course section attribute(s) entered in the file does not match a course section attribute in the site
  • At least one course section attribute is required.- The attribute column is required and at least one attribute needs to be assigned per course section. 

Faculty and Student Enrollment

  • No User with ID ____ could be found - Requires checking the User file to see why the user was not included
  • A user with ID ____ has already been added to the course section with ID _____- Informs you that the user has already been enrolled in the course
  • No course section with ID ____ could be found- Requires checking the Course Section file to see why the course was not included
  • No faculty type exists with name: _____- The faculty type entered in the file does not match a faculty type name in the site
  • No default faculty role is set- Requires creating at least one faculty role to be identified as the default role for instructors
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  • Avatar
    Harry Baya

    Where are "terms" defined?   In the "Course Sections" common errors above it refers to "Terms".  I do see a column for "Term" in the example data file used for importing courses.     The same section mentions that the start and end date for the course must not conflict with the dates for the term.   So far in the documentaion I have not seen where terms are defined.   However, I am pleased that this possible error is mentioned here.. as it alerts me that I need to learn about "terms" in this system.

  • Avatar
    Jessica Fronczak

    Harry- I know I responded via email but i want to put a note here as well. Terms are defined in the website under Configuration --> Academic Terms 

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