Course Learning Objectives Autofill Form

IDEA campuses have the ability to enter learning objectives for courses, which will auto-populate each time a course section within the course is offered, and span multiple semesters. Please follow the steps below to update your courses with the appropriate learning objectives. For more information on selecting objectives, please see IDEA's resources here.

To select objectives for courses:

Step 1: Navigate to Configuration --> Autofill Objectives

Step 2: Select the course for which you would like to select learning objectives.

 Step 3: Select the appropriate objectives, then click "Save".

After your selections are saved, you will see them displayed in the Course Autofill Overview form.


If faculty have not yet made their objective selections, they will see the preset objectives on their course section.

In cases where the faculty fills out the Objectives Selection Form before the course learning objectives are preset, the faculty member's selections will be kept only if they are greater than or equal to the preset selection.

*Please note- Faculty cannot demote preset course learning objectives

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