There are three IDEA forms that administrators can choose between:

  • Diagnostic Form - 40 questions - A comprehensive tool that provides both summative and formative feedback about student progress on relevant course objectives, instructor teaching methods, and overall impressions of the instructor and course.
  • Learning Essentials - 18 questions - Provides summative feedback about average student progress on relevant learning objectives and overall impressions of the instructor and course.
  • Teaching Essentials -  12 questions - Provides formative feedback about teaching methods highly correlated with instructor and course excellence.(Faculty will not complete the OSF when using the Teaching Essentials instrument)

The Objectives Selection Form is filled out for both Diagnostic and Short forms to provide information about learning objectives used in the classroom.

For more information about these forms, and IDEA's Student Ratings of Instruction, please click here.

IDEA provides some guidance on selecting an instrument: 

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