A global threshold feature can be enabled in the system to allow for restricting instructors access to reports if their course does not meet three (3) or more responses - or - 100% response rate.

If 3 or less students are enrolled in a course, then the results will only display IF 100% response rate is achieved (i.e., if there are a total of 2 students enrolled, both must respond; if there are a total of 3 students enrolled, all three must respond).

Once enrollment is 4 or higher, the threshold stays at at least 3 responses before that faculty can view the report. In other words, if there are 4 students enrolled and 1 responds, no report will be generated for that course. If there are 10 students and 1 responds, no report. There must ALWAYS be 3 responses in order to view a report if the threshold is enabled.

If your campus wishes to utilize the Threshold feature, please contact your Course Evaluation consultant.

*The threshold is required for all campuses using IDEA evaluations.

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